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Thank you for your interest in CEMI. Please fill out the CEMI access request form at and have your teacher write to to confirm approval.

We generally give students access to just one studio each term. Please feel free to write to to describe the technical needs of your project (number of audio channels, types of software/plugins, etc.) so we can propose which studio might be the best fit; or if you prefer, ask your teacher to propose the studio most appropriate for your project(s) in the approval e-mail.

Also, all CEMI studio users must join the listserv, which you can use to request (or release) studio hours, to request features/updates in the studios, and to report any problems you encounter; it is also the way we report studio outages or known problems to our user base. You can join by using any on-campus computer (or any computer anywhere that’s logged into the UNT VPN) to connect to and follow the instructions under “Subscribing to cemi-users.”

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Studio Reservations

CEMI users may reserve regular hours for studio use, up to three three-hour sessions per week (for a total of 9 hours). These will be entered into the regular schedule for the term on a first-come, first-served basis. Unreserved time is available on a walk-in basis. To reserve hours, E-mail to detailing your request.


Also check the Composition Studies website for other forms you may need, such as recital and Spectrum request forms!

CEMI Studio Access

MEIT Authorization and Technician Request Form

User E-mail List

If you are currently authorized for CEMI studio access, please sign up for the CEMI-USERS List-Serv (the very best way to contact a friendly CEMI Graduate Assistant to aid you) by completing the form found here. To unsubscribe please follow the same link.


CEMI equipment is specialized for experimental and electronic music and intermedia for basic recording equipment, please check the College of Music Computer Lab or The Factory in the Library.

Equipment Checkout Form (see form instructions in this PDF).