CEMI Office

Due to the recent increase in teaching and research staff in the Composition Division (including two additional TA positions in the fall), it has become necessary to restrict the use of the CEMI/Composition Office (MU 2001) to TAs, TFs, and faculty in the Composition Division.  Limited access to the office by other composition students will still be allowed (for example, to use the binding equipment); however, it can no longer be used as a general "hang-out" due to the number of people who need to share that limited space as an office.  Also, the Comp TAs and TFs often grade and store their students' homework assignments in the office, which constitutes a potential breach of FERPA regulations if anyone other than teaching staff are regularly using that space. 

MEIT Reservation

If you would like to reserve the MEIT, please fill out the MEIT Request Form a week in advance of the requested date. Only requests that need the space will be honored.  A CEMI staff must be present in the MEIT at all times when the space is in use.  Outside of office hours, CEMI charges $20 an hour to supervise the hall if staff members are available.  

Studio Reservation

In order to reserve a studio, you must first obtain studio access through the Studio Access Request Form.  Once you have studio access, you may reserve up up to three three-hour sessions per week (for a total of 9 hours). These will be entered into the regular schedule for the term on a first-come, first-served basis. Unreserved time is available on a walk-in basis. To reserve hours, E-mail to cemi-users@unt.edu detailing your request.  Schedules can be found here.

Equipment Checkout

CEMI maintains equipment for specialized research projects in experimental music and intermedia. This includes video cameras, video projectors, microphones, microphone stands, portable recording equipment, laptop, audio interface, mixer, powered speakers, speaker stands, and other necessary support for recording, production, and performance of experimental music and intermedia. CEMI equipment may normally be checked out for a maximum of 3 days. For complex or extended projects, equipment may be made available for a full week. Longer checkouts may only be made in consultation and with the approval of the CEMI director.

Please refer to the Equipment Checkout Form for more details.