This project describes the construction of a system for tactile sound using various types of transducers and explores compositional techniques optimized for tactile sensation as another musical element.

Assorted tools for interactive computer music in Max and PureData environments.

Hybrid Arts Lab (HAL) - David Stout

CEMI has a direct link to the UNT iARTA Research Cluster and its Hybrid Arts Lab (HAL) with overlaps in faculty and student participants.

Cue Web - Christopher Poovey

Originally designed for Joeseph Klien's modular composition, an Unaware Cosmos, which is being written to contain up to twenty different ensembles, Cue Web creates a server that can give cues to devices connected to it on a network from a single location.  This solves many problems in performance of specialized pieces where ensembles often must have separate conductors who try to synchronize with each other.  The software can cue, conduct, countdown, and even relay messages to ensembles or individual performers who have any device that can run a modern web browser.

Current research being done by Doctoral student Michael Smith includes the creation of a virtual reality sonic toolkit. Utilizing the HTC Vive within the Unity game engine, the toolkit would allow the user to control sound movement within a headphone mix or multi-channel speaker environment. Goals for the project include the recording of panning trajectories for use in an ambisonic panning paradigm, utilization of physics in Unity, and the preparation of speaker arrangements within a virtual space (to mimic the real physical dimensions).