Sonic Murals

Congratulations to all artists who's works have been selected for the Sonic Murals Festival!  The festival will be live-streamed at


Concert 1 - 11/6 at 5pm

Gavin Santopetro - Where Planes Fly
Ryan Miller - The Clear Sky
Alex Buehler - Impulse|Resonance
Nicole Chochrek - Mother's Dress
Stephen Lucas - Virtual Stage: Corporeality
Daniel Ryan - Mute improvisation 2.3
Julie Mckendrick - Shifting
Panayiotis Kokoras - Superstrings
Colette Copeland - Fear of Flying
Jon Nelson - Anger Stone
Anuj Bhutani - Push//Pull
Miguel Espinel - porsebucan (recuerdos ajenos)

Concert 2 - 11/6 at 8pm

Franklyn Monk - Lonesome Valley (abridged)
Jordan Fuchs - Landscape Without Horizon
Rachel Weaver - buccalcavity inversion
Zach Thomas - branch—splinter—moss
Sungji Hong - Fruscio
Maria Villanueva - I am not from here
Morgan Grasham - Toad Piece
Conner Simmons - Music for Sitting 03
Garrison Gerard - Riant
Christopher Poovey - Forged Effervescence
Adriana Valls - CGI water

Concert 3 - 11/7 at 12:30pm

Andrew May - Flock
Seth Shafer - Zoom Study No. 1, Three-Way Mirror
William Martin - Tomorrow (as it is now)
Delanie Molnar - Ghost in the Mirror
Martin Back - A Voice Working
Rachel Lanik Whelan - Too many have written
Jason Fick - junktures
Aleyna Brown - a beautiful reckoning
Thani Abuhamad - キンカンコーラ (Kumquat Kola)
Mark Oliveiro - Bass Noir
Andrew Blanton - WAVEGUIDE

Concert 4 - 11/7 at 5pm

Drew Schnurr - sonoru
Greg Dixon - Cedar Forest
Ryan Ayres - You Weren't There
Kory Reeder - for Halsey
Diana Rojas - Genesis
Mark Vaughn - Hours and Yours and Ours and Years
J. Andrew Smith - Inquietude
Marcel Castro-Lima - Still Life Improvisation
Jonathan Snead - Generative Gamelan
Marco Buongiorno Nardelli - The Messengers - a cosmopera

Concert 5- 11/7 at 8pm

Patrick Reed - Cow Piece
Okan Yasarlar - A Song With Three Movements
Daniel Sabzghabaei - Technobabble IV
Joseph Klein - Chain of Circumstances
Dan Drizlikh - Unending Chaos
Anne Dearth Maker - Il Funerali Dell'Anarchico Serantini by Francesco Filidei
David Stout - SERES
Sarah Alexander - It's Every Womyn
Sean Lopez - Physical Educators (Murderers of Housewives)

Event Date: 
Sunday, October 11, 2020 (All day)