Electric Latex 2014 - Program

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Fri, 21 Nov 2014
8:00pm - MEIT – Festival Concert I
rehearsals: 2-6 pm
  • Vanessa Law (LSU), Skin Edge
    2 percussionists and 2-channel electroacoustic music
    Corey Robinson and Shelby Blezinger, percussion
  • Joseph Lyszczarz (UNT), Three Short Pieces
    2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Corey Cunningham (UT), Take a Place in the Light
    2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Michael Smith (UNT), Break
    guitar and interactive computer music
    Michael Smith, guitar and electronics
  • Eric K. Fegan (Rice), Remember My First ...
    6-channel electroacoustic music
  • Chris Ozley (UT), Mome Raths
    2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Shane Monds (Rice), Poems (Cadavre Exquis)
    4-channel electroacoustic music
  • Danny Holmes (LSU), Whistle Blower
    2-channel music from smartphone
    Danny Holmes, live electronics
  • Zak Berkowitz (LSU), Bal Tashchit
    8-channel electroacoustic music
  • Stephen Lucas (UNT), 81 Zalms
    recorder and 2-channel electroacoustic music
    Stephen Lucas, soprano recorder and live electronics
Sat, 22 Nov 2014
2:00pm – MEIT – Festival Concert II
rehearsals: 9-12 am
  • Thomas Sturm (Rice), ...either created or destroyed
    sculpture and interactive computer music
    Thomas Sturm, live electronics
  • Andrew Pfalz (LSU), It can be hard to fall asleep when you're on fire
    flute and interactive computer music
    Laura Pillman, flute ; Andrew Pfalz, live electronics
  • Brendan McMullen (Rice), Simple Machine
    2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Ryan Laney (UT), Én vågen krop
    4-channel electroacoustic music
  • Eric Evans (UNT), Homoousis
    flute, cello, and 2-channel electroacoustic music
    Kourtney Newton, cello; Rachel Woolf, flute
  • Benjamin Shirey (UNT), META_407
    2-channel electroacoustic music
    Benjamin Shirey, live diffusion
  • Amine Bekhouche (Tulane), AvP
    2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Derek Zwyer (Tulane), Objects as Subjects
    video and 2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Jon Fielder (UT), Wind Chimes Clatter through the Mist and Fog
    8-channel electroacoustic music
  • Matthew Blessing (LSU), The Worms Will Conquer
    voice, cello, piano, and interactive computer music
    Elizabeth Gains, voice; Kourtney Newton, cello; David Falterman, piano; Matthew Blessing, live electronics

8:00pm – MEIT – Festival Concert III

rehearsals: 4-7 pm

  • Kay (Yuanyuan) He (UT), On the Threshold of a Drizzly Reality
    cello and interactive computer music
    Nora Karakousoglou, cello; Kay He, live electronics
  • Elizabeth Anne Comniellis (UT), White Birds
    clarinet and 2-channel electroacoustic music
    Joel Auringer, clarinet
  • Brandon Bell (Rice), top shelf, where momma hides the cookies
    2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Eli Fieldsteel (UT), Aerophoneme
    flute and interactive computer music
    Cassandra Lear, flute; Eli Fieldsteel, live electronics
  • Stephen Barkan (Tulane), I Am Afraid to Sleep Because of What I Might Dream
    2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Zachary Thomas and Ryan Fellhauer (UNT), _improvisation _1
    trumpet and interactive computer music
    Ryan Fellhauer, trumpet; Zachary Thomas, live electronics
  • Alishan Gezgin (Rice), Hallow
    2-channel electroacoustic music
  • Steve Sachse (UT), Improvisation for SuperCollider and NanoKONTROL
    2-channel computer music
    Steve Sachse, live electronics
  • Timothy Harenda (UNT), Purple Quartz
    ensemble and 2-channel electroacoustic music
    Rachel Woolf, bass flute; Connor O’Meara, bass clarinet; Kourtney Newton, cello; Shelby Blezinger, vibraphone; David Falterman, piano
  • Dan Caputo (UT), Study in FM Synthesis
    2-channel electroacoustic music