Joseph Lyszczarz

Fri, 02/10/2017 - 10:37am -- jel0187

Joseph Lyszczarz is a composer whose music combines traditional aspects of form, narrative, and hierarchy with the extended harmonic possibilities of the present day. He strives to meld a rich gestural language with clear motivic development in a way that is simultaneously engaging, challenging, and accessible. Most recently, his work his work has been heard at the VIII International Saxophone Festival in Szczecin, Poland, and the 2011 Region II North American Saxophone Alliance Conference in Las Vegas. Lyszczarz was a recipient of a BMI Student Composer Award in May, 2012 for his work Tracing Shadows. He holds a BM from SUNY Potsdam and MM from Bowling Green State University, where he has studied with Mikel Kuehn, Elainie Lillios, Christopher Dietz, Gregory Wanamaker, and Paul Siskind.

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