J. Andrew Smith

Mon, 08/26/2019 - 3:42pm -- smv0072

J. Andrew Smith is a composer, teacher, and electronic musician from the Atlanta, GA area. His works, both acoustic and electronic, embrace the intersections between poetry, acousmatic sound, improvisation, and the idea of personal connection between composer, performer, and listener. These works include A Poem is Not a Memoir for performers Lisa Kaplan and Matthew Duvall, In the Midst of Night for cellist Stephen Marotto, and a darkness carried, for saxophonist Drew Whiting. Andrew’s works have been performed at SEAMUS conferences, the SPLICE Institute and Festival, Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival, the Toledo Symphony’s Student Orchestra reading program, New Music on the Point, and the Southeastern Composers' Symposium. Currently a PhD student studying at the University of North Texas, Andrew studied with teachers such as Elainie Lillios, Mikel Kuehn, and Christopher Dietz at Bowling Green State University.

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