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The Center for Experimental Music & Intermedia (CEMI) is an interdisciplinary center focused on music and arts technologies, housed within the Division of Composition Studies. CEMI provides an environment for research, education, and a busy schedule of public performances. CEMI fosters integration of electroacoustic music, live performance, video/film, plastic arts, and theater. Since its 1963 inception as UNT's Electronic Music Center, CEMI has evolved into an unique creative environment, world-renowned for innovative works and musicians. CEMI's four studios and Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater provide state-of-the-art support for research, creative work, and performance with computer music and intermedia tools. Committed to the academic goals of our parent institution, CEMI supports courses ranging from an undergraduate Introduction to Electroacoustic Music through graduate seminars on advanced Topics in Electroacoustic Music. CEMI also regularly hosts guest artists and researchers for presentations, residencies, and project development. In 2005, CEMI was noted in Schools that Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide, which named the UNT College of Music as one of the nation's best music programs.