CEMI Mission Statement

The Center for Experimental Music & Intermedia (CEMI) is an interdisciplinary center focused on music and arts technologies, housed within UNT's Division of Composition Studies.

CEMI's mission is to advance the state of the art in experimental music and intermedia. To accomplish this mission, CEMI supports and promotes:

  1. creation of innovative experimental music and intermedia;
  2. preparation of UNT students for the future of music and intermedia arts technology;
  3. collaboration with colleagues across disciplines to develop new artwork and research, and with counterparts in industry to develop innovative technologies;
  4. presentation of new work in performances, conferences, and residencies that extend UNT's visibility and reach; and
  5. research and publication in fields related to CEMI activities, such as composition, sound synthesis, digital signal processing, sound diffusion, interactive systems, physical computing, and human-machine interfaces.