About Stephen Lucas:

Stephen Lucas is best known for his strikingly abstract computer audio/video works; he also writes many works involving live performers. His compositions have been performed throughout the United States but he strives to embrace online audiences. His other interests include electronics, cybernetics, and metaphysics.

His contributions to CEMI:

Stephen Lucas is a prior member of CEMI-staff that rejoined in the Fall of 2011 to pursue further composition and electronic music studies at UNT and CEMI. His upcoming focal points within CEMI involve integration of new media and software solutions to audio/video diffusion interfaces. His 2010 work, Pleroma, demonstrates his interest in ancient drama and the monolithic possibilities of combining character animation with electronic music.

Pleroma is a multimedia drama about the torment of unfulfilled desire and revenge. The text, music, and animation were composed by Stephen Lucas, using mostly open source software like Pure Data and Blender.

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