About Jon Jackson:

Jonathan Jackson (b. 1986) is a sound and media artist whose current interests include sound installation, multi-channel video work, and live performance. As a performer, he is co-founder of anteroom, an ensemble committed to the nurturing and delivery of experimental text-based scores. As a percussionist, he has performed with many improvising musicians, video artists, and dancers. He is currently pursuing an MA in Music Composition with a related field in New Media Art at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX.

Quartet (Layers) 2012

quartet (layers) - 2012 from Jonathan Jackson on Vimeo.

quartet (layers) is a four channel sound and video art installation. Each of the four screens depicts the superimposed image – fifteen layers per screen – of an individual musician from a string quartet. Each layer consists of an independent sound and video track, resulting in an overall sonic/visual texture that serves as a simultaneous representation of multiple time streams.

The musical landscape is one characterized by constant transition – sixty independent parts expand and contract in time and pitch-space, while the overlapped video portraits leave ghostly traces of performance, rendering the multilayered aural complexity visible.

This is a lower resolution excerpt of the work for online streaming.

  • Violin I – Melissa Jõesaar
  • Violin II – Will King
  • Viola – Katherine Lambeth
  • Cello – Yu-Ho Kay Chang

  • Camera – Filip Celander

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